A Safe and secure home for any pet
Stock your store with CrateZ, a collection of foldable dog cages which will certainly be every customer's choice for their pets. Cages are specially designed with pet's security, comfort and safety in mind.

Foldable Double Door Dog /
Cat Training Crate with Divider

Iconic Pet’s Double Door Crate is excellent for training your puppy or dog. These crates are made of heavy duty wire...View More

Eight Panel Portable (Foldable)
Pet Dog / Cat Playpen

Iconic Pet’s Eight Panel wire Playpen is easy to set up and break down for storage. These playpens can be...View More

Heavy Duty Rectangular Tube
Dog / Cat Training Kennel Crate

Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is a perfect crate for your dog .It can also be used for many other pets (rabbits, hamsters...View More

Heavy Duty Metal Tube Pet Dog
Exercise and Training Playpen

Iconic Pet Metal Tube Playpen is great place for your pet to play or exercise and can be used both indoors or...View More